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Thank you for expressing interest in our Beta Test and Dealership Program.

Following successful registration, which is free of cost, you can proceed to sign up merchants such as kiosks, supermarkets, salons, butcheries and similar businesses using a Merchant Application Form, which shall be provided at no cost.

You will need at least 5 duly filled Merchant Application Forms for FinTech Africa Ltd. to provide mobile Point of Sale devices for Mpesa, Visa, MasterCard and Airtel Money payment acceptance. The dealer cost per mobile Point of Sale device is Ksh 8, 000 and the recommended retail price is Ksh 10, 000.

Mobile Point of Sale devices are only delivered when all  documentation is duly received from the merchant in order to adhere to CBK regulations. As a dealer you are not required to have a mobile Point of Sale while signing up merchants, however, a sample mobile Point of Sale device on how Kibeti Tap & Go works can be helpful during your merchant recruitment drive. If you wish to have a sample device to support your marketing activities you can order one at a cost of Ksh 8, 000, three working days delivery.

Dealers get to earn commissions on all transactions from their sold devices after hitting a target of 50 active devices and an exclusive dealership contract for a county geography of their choice after hitting a target of 500 active devices.